Simplicity 2560

I’ve been working on this cardigan from Simplicity and, frankly, it’s awful.

The pattern is really easy to make up, which was part of the appeal as I’m so super busy at the moment.  The sizing is a wee bit roomy, but no surprises there for a Big 4 pattern. And although it needs hemming, it does look exactly like the picture.

So what’s the problem?

It looks bloody awful on me, that’s the problem.

It turns out to be a terrible shape for me.  One that makes me look really fat and frumpy.  And no, you can’t see any pictures.  I’m not putting them out into the webverse to scare future generations.

I’m glad I tried it, as it wasn’t something I’d usually think of making, but it simply didn’t work.   And I don’t think it’s a waste as I’ve learnt something about the shapes that suit me, and also more about using the differential feed on my overlocker.  So I shall just put it to one side and reuse the lovely jersey at a later date.