Today Mr Stitch, Alice who isn’t a cat, and myself went to look at possible venues for our postponed wedding.

We had three appointments booked, but after visiting the second venue, The Gibbon Bridge, we phoned and cancelled the third because we simply couldn’t face it. Why?  Because we couldn’t stop laughing at the astonishing levels of rudeness we experienced.

I had explained quite clearly to the receptionist when I booked the appointment that we would only be a small party of a maximum of 40 during the day with possibly another 30 in the evening.  Unfortunately this information hadn’t been passed on to the obnoxious little man who met us to show us around the place.  I swear you’d have thought we’d asked him to eat his own liver when we explained this to him.  The additional 30 in the evening particularly perplexed him, even more so the owner of the venue, who had been dragged into the conversation because he was so offended by the prospect.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked.

I sooooo wish I’d had a camera to photograph Mr Stitches face at that point. Alice who isn’t a cat nearly choked trying not to laugh and couldn’t look at me for the rest of the visit.

It didn’t get much better and we got out of there as fast as our little feet would carry us.

Thankfully, the first venue we had visited had been beyond wonderful.  A beautiful 1880’s manor house, a Michelin starred celebrity chef, exquisite decor, and perfectly pitched levels of service. Oh, and lets not mention the orange butter biscuits. We were enchanted and, in truth, had only gone to The Gibbon Bridge to confirm that we were making the right choice.

Obviously we were.

So we turned the car around, and still laughing, hot-tailed back to the first venue to place a deposit.

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So, dear reader, I can finally confirm that on the 13th November 2010 I shall marry Mr Stitch at our local church surrounded by close family and friends, then we shall all head over to the private dining room at Northcote Manor for a fabulous foodie feast in celebration.

I can’t wait.  I’m beyond excited.