Image courtesy of Astley Village Parish Council

Image courtesy of Astley Village Parish Council

You can always tell when I’m recovering from any bug…I start doing housework again.  I’ve also cut out the jersey cardigan and sewn the buttons on the second cardigan made for Little Stitch by Ma Stitches (photos to follow soon). I’ve even cleaned my car of biscuit crumbs that a certain small girl enjoys scattering with abandon.

So in the spirit of Getting Things Done I drew up a plan of action for the next few weeks.  And as with all plans I come up with at the moment, the minute it hits the paper, I need to rethink it.  This time it’s Ma Stitches who’s put the spanner in the works, in the nicest way.

Ma has been offered a flat which is just one road away from the Stitches-in-Law and should be moving in a few weeks. The catch is that we’ll need to get the place cleaned, decorated and carpeted and will only have two days in which to do it!

I do love a challenge.