All except the furry babies are down with flu Chez Stitches at the moment. This is tedious in the extreme as there is lots and lots going on, briefly:

  • we’re working hard on getting Ma Stitches moved.
  • I’m a woman on a mission to get things crossed off my “to do” list, both for home dec stuff and for knitting and sewing.  I’m bored of having these things sitting around waiting to be done, so am planning on pulling in babysitting favours and cracking on.
  • The snowflake jacket hates me and I’ve just had to frog it all back.  C**p!
  • Mr Stitch and I are trying to locate a new wedding venue. As our previous choice of venue was, shall we say, somewhat unhelpful when we had to cancel the wedding for this year, we have decided to vote with our wallets and not give them our business.  So the search is on and I now understand why people spend three years planning their weddings, because it’s a nightmare trying to co-ordinate church, venue and photographer.  And that’s just for starters.  But I do love a challange.

So all I have to do is shake this bug and crack on.  I’ll keep you all informed.  In the meantime, I hope you’re all avoiding the flu.