With apologies to Emma!

Whilst I don’t think Cookie A has anything to worry about at the moment, I’m feeling a quiet sense of pride with my first ever sock.001

I’ve never quite understood the interest in knitting socks, but having been given some lovely sock yarns (including the one used here)by my kind friends at knitting group, I decided to give it a go.  The lovely Julia helped out with pattern and useful tips (and rescuing me when it all went pear-shaped), but even so, it wasn’t until the last stitch was grafted and the sock was on my foot that I finally got it.

Hand knitted socks are fabulous.  So warm and cosy. I’m hooked.  And Mr S has his order in for a pair as soon as this pair is finished!!!

BTW, I don’t have the ball band for the yarn to hand, but I’ve another ball in the loft so I’ll dig it out and let you know what the yarn is.