Sunday of a bank holiday weekend is always a good day.  It’s like a gift, as you get all the cozy, homely, family time without Monday morning looming over you.  Even though I’m fortunate enough to not be in the paid workplace, and Mr Stitch loves his job, Sunday evenings are still overshadowed by the impending return to the work week.

So we’re having a relatively lazy day Chez Stitches.  But a girl can only do so much sitting around.  The rib on the Starsky and Hutch cardigan is coming on nicely:020

Erast Fandorin is on the trail of the bad guys:

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and in a fit of energy I’ve finally started painting the kitchen radiator cover that Pa Stitches-in-Law built for us:

004I love this rad cover.  It fits perfectly (obviously) and is so beautifully constructed, but I’ve been avoiding painting it because a) I’ve been so tired and b) it’s such a horrible job!  But thanks to a few weeks of rest, recuperation and Bio Strath elixir I finally feel like I can face the work.

In case you’re wondering, Bio Strath is a terrible concoction from the health store that was recommended to me by my osteopath, and, although it tastes really quite awful, it seems to be contributing to my (slow, but steady) recovery.  I’m hopeful that I’ll soon be back to my normal Tiggerish self.