Supper with  Himmelbjerget and I was, as anticipated, a splendid evening. We swapped patterns and ideas and thoughts and tips and generally had a lovely time.  Polar Dog was a sweetie and she and Charlie mooched around, hoping in vain for pasta or crumble to fall from the sky into their ever hopeful mouths like manna from heaven.

However,  unexpectedly, somewhere in the middle of the evening something clicked and for once it wasn’t my back!  I realised that, sartorially speaking, I was still in corporate mode and hadn’t fully made the transition to Mummy mode.

If you turn me loose in a shop I can pick out work appropriate wear with my eyes shut, but simply haven’t got the hang of casual. I’ve never needed to. I’ve always either been in the office (cue work-wear), renovating a house (cue scruffy old stuff that you hope you don’t get run over by a bus in) or pyjamas. Occasionally I’ve gotten dressed up for outing so have a couple of cute dresses to fall back on, but the whole “Smart Casual” thing has always passed me by.

The other problem is that I don’t do heels. Well, not for day.  I walk like a drag queen in heels (no offence) and can’t cope with not being comfortable when running around after a toddler or doing errands.  So a lot of the fashion in the media just leaves me cold as I can’t wear it.

I’ve been sleeping on this revelation and I’ve also worked out that, despite my best intentions, I sew things I like the look of rather than what I actually need. I’m easily swayed by shiny things and pretty pictures.  Really, I’m a smart girl, you’d think I’d have learned by now.  Obviously not.

The upshot is that I’ve lengths of fabric that I liked the look of that have no particular purpose in life.  A box of patterns that are lovely and will come in useful someday, but generally don’t fit my life at the moment, and a wardrobe that is virtually empty and what I do have is either shabby or doesn’t really work for me and is definitely a stop gap to stop me wandered around naked and scaring the neighbours.  It’s even worse now.  Since Tuesday I’ve donated to charity anything I’m never going to wear again and thrown out the most embarrassingly shabby items.  I’ve also stored a few things that I love but are a smidgen too small at the moment.

What I need is a plan.  And, you know it, this girl loves a plan.

The first thing is to clear the backlog.  I have the black and white blouse to sew.  Two pairs of jeans for Little Stitch.  A pair of trousers to go with the blouse that are already cut out.  oh, and a Roman blind for Mr Stitches office.

I’m then very much inspired by Shannon who has a selection of tried and tested patterns that she makes and remakes in different fabrics to create numerous outfits that are stylish, elegant and never remotely “samey”.

That is what I need.

So whilst I’m clearing the backlog I’m going to think this through a little more and devise a more definite plan.  I know that the first area I need to address is some comfortable, easy to wear items for being at home/popping to the market or library/playgroup.  They need to be washable and have plenty of coverage at the waist and bosom so I’m not flashing knickers or boobs!

This feels good.  Thanks Himmelbjerget.