On Tuesday mornings Little Stitch visits her paternal grandparents.  Much fun and frivolity is had by all.  Today that included me.

Usually I use this time to whiz round like a fool, running errands that take me a quarter of the time that it would take were I to have her in tow.  Today, however, at the insistence of the head of the Rest and Recuperation Mafia (aka Mr Stitch), I went to the cinema again.  This time to see The Time Traveler’s  Wife.  I’m not convinced his motives were entirely pure (there were mutterings about “Chick Flicks”) but who am I to argue?200px-The_Time_Traveler's_Wife_film_poster

So off I went.  Having bought my ticket, and a vente Earl Grey tea from Starbucks, and armed with a slab slice of homemade apple, raisin and walnut cake, I entered the cinema.

Only to find myself completely and utterly alone.

Not another soul to be seen.

Not even a member of staff.

I couldn’t contain my glee as I slipped into the back row centre seat, opened the foil on the cake and settled in for the film.

As a fan of the book my expectations were high, and I expected them to be dashed.  But the film was lovely and true to the book, if a little truncated.  I have to admit to shedding a tear at all the times I did in the book, but I was alone in the cinema so who cares?!?  If you’ve not seen this…go!

Heading home through the rain, I was feeling decidedly more chipper than I’ve felt in quite some time, and a little rebellious voice started to sing at the back of my mind.

After putting Little Stitch down for her nap, I ignored the voice and curled up on the sofa with lunch, a mug of tea and a magazine.  But the voice would not be silenced and before I knew it I had crept up, past the sleeping babe, to the loft.

Rebellion.  In the form of drafting a pattern for jeans for the wee one.

I’ve been planning to do this for some time as she’s between sizes at the moment and her jeans end up halfway down her behind.  She looks like a wannabee rapper.

The pair I’ve decided to use as my inspiration came with her when she moved in:002Whilst they are far too embellished for my taste, they are a decent fit and I like the shape and the pockets.  So, using a method I’ve seen David Page Coffin use to copy shirts, I took a copy of these jeans.

Firstly, you lay the jeans on brown paper, as above, then using a pin, you prick around the seam-lines:006When you lift the garment, you’re left with the outline of the section in little tiny holes:009which you can just about see in the picture above.

Now all you have to do is join the dots, add seam allowances and, voila:010within an hour you have a pattern for baby jeans.  Or whatever you fancy.

I’m planning to recycle old jeans within the family to make up a batch of jeans for her.  Very frugalista I know, but it seems such a waste to throw out old garments that could be remodelled into something lovely for LS.  Yesterday I also dyed some of Mr Stitch’s old shirts, which at some point will be made into tops for her.  Or maybe pyjamas.  Who knows?

Tonight Himmelbjerget and Polar Dog are coming over for supper and sewing. After my recent whinge that I’m blocked with my sewing for myself, she’s kindly offered to bring over some patterns and new season style ideas for us to start planning the beginning of my wardrobe.  I’m really looking forward to it and making my embarrasingly simple goats cheese and tomato pasta (the one that won the heart of Mr S) and a crumble with new season Victoria Plums:018

I love it when the first Victoria Plums of the year arrive, as it means Autumn is on its way. My favourite season.  It makes me so happy.