Mr S has marshaled the support of all my chums in his campaign to make me take it easy.

It seems he’s even convinced Little Stitch to help, as daily she works hard to master this walking thing, thus meaning that Mummy has less carrying of her to do.  She astonishes me daily as she masters new skills and we found out last week that all developmental delay has been made up and she’s now doing all the things she should be by now, and some that would be expected of a 2 year old.  She’s just the most amazing little person.

I’ve been banned from the workroom again this week…sigh.  But then, to be fair, other than the black checked wrap blouse and some curtain projects, I really don’t know what I’d be sewing at the moment.

I have to own to feeling blocked.  My wardrobe is so sparse that even the moths have moved out due to the starvation rations.  I’m also still carrying far too much weight, which isn’t really conducive to fashion because you feel like everything looks wrong, and it sure as eggs is eggs feels wrong.

It all becomes the most ridiculous vicious circle where you feel like nothing looks good on you, so you don’t make anything, then you have an empty wardrobe, so don’t know where to start to fill it up because its such a ginormous task, and you don’t feel that anything looks good on you anyway.

So I know I need to stop, take stock and make a plan.  I’m thinking of making a small wardrobe of quick to make basics to see me through whilst I work on losing the weight and getting back to my normal tiggerish self.  Just not sure what it looks like yet.

Which is perfect timing seeing as the Rest and Relaxation Mafia are hard at work.

But one good thing about the R&R Mafia is that Ma and Pa Stitches-in-Law had Little Stitch yesterday for her usual visit, but she’s stayed with them a wee bit longer than normal whilst I snuck off to the cinema to see Coco Avant Chanel.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

All I can say, is if you haven’t seen this film yet…hotfoot off to your local cinema and give yourself a treat.  It really is just the most marvellous film.  I was left breathless by the cinematography. Audrey Tautou is her usual luminescent self, and the whole production is just glorious.  I’m tempted to go again to see it at the cinema and will definitely be buying the DVD as soon as it hits the shelves.

I’ve also finished the little multi coloured cardigan for Little Stitch. I’m so thrilled with it that I’ve pulled out the orphaned raspberry merino yarn and worked a swatch for that tonight and cast on another one for her.  The multi one is currently blocking overnight and I’ll photograph it in the next couple of days once I’ve got a button on it.