Try saying that after a couple of glasses of vino!

However, today, whilst Little Stitch held a very in-depth conversation with Benjy the Bear, non of which I understood, I finally quickly stitched up the third toile:

Crikey!  Shoot the photographer!
Crikey! Shoot the photographer!

The sewing is shocking (for which I take full “credit”) and the pictures are pretty grim, but Mr S was working at the time, so very kindly quickly snapped me before going back to some hideously dull, but hugely important document.

Now, I know the gathers need some work, and this toile doesn’t have the back darts in that will give it more shape, but overall, I think it’s good to go.  I know I need to add a little length because if I turn up a hem it will be too short. And don’t forget there’s a tiny stand collar to add as well.  But I think any remaining faults are with my figure rather than the blouse.

I have to admit to being more than a little relieved.  I’m beyond bored of fitting this blouse, and had this toile not been as near as this one is to being usable, the pattern would have been shredded and the fabric turned into picnic napkins!