I swear that sometimes I could kick myself for being such a dummy.

I was so excited to get going with the little multicoloured cardigan for Little Stitch that I chose the size, cast on, and knit, knit, knit.


I cast off, and tried the resulting garment on her, only to find that, surprise, surprise, it didn’t fit!

I frogged the yarn back onto the ball and today sat down to cast on again.  This time I did the swatch:

That'll explain it!
That’ll explain it!

As it’s half an inch out on the swatch it’s no wonder the finished result was way too small.

So the moral of this story is always do the swatch.  I know they get in the way of starting your new project but they’re worth it in the long run.  I’m off to work out exactly what size needles I need to use to get the right size this time.