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I’m having a Patsy Cline moment.  And not in a glamorous way.

This exhaustion thingy is driving me crazy.

Obviously Little Stitch is numero uno priority Chez Stitches and then everything else gets a cursory glance.

So the house is clean enough that you’re probably not going to get MRSA if you pop by for a cuppa, but for goodness sake don’t look under furniture or at the skirting boards.  And step back if you open a cupboard.  Concussion can be a nasty thing.

The ironing is done fairly regularly but only when prompted by Mr S who’s down to his last white shirt for the office.  I know this makes him sound like some South American Dictator, but the prompt is usually him sneaking off to iron a shirt himself, which sets my guilt gene in motion.

A 15 minute walk to the post office takes me about 45 minutes.  Thankfully Charlie likes the slow pace.

I’m getting good with leftovers.  And am blessed with a fiance who is just happy to have homecooked food in whatever guise it comes in.

To add to the idiocy of it all, my back has reverted to type and I’m seized from calf to ear.  I feel like my back is 3 inches shorter than my front.  I haven’t sewn more than two stitches on the machine in the last week, and we won’t discuss the knitting, which has just been completely frogged back to the beginning.  Or the incredible increasing waistline as my cortisol levels send my need for cake through the roof.

I have lists up the wazoo for things that I need to get done, stuff I want to get done, a really cool study plan for my French, and ideas for my Autumn wardrobe. If my Autumn sewing is as (non)productive as my Spring and Summer sewing, I’ll be hobbling round in my dressing gown for the whole season.

It would appear that something had to give and the something was me.  Even typing feels like my fingers are running through treacle.  And it’s nearly midnight and I can’t sleep so here I am!


I’m off to see Ryan the magic osteopath tomorrow, and have Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat and Kelly coming to visit for the weekend.  Mr S is taking Friday off and we’re having a family day.  Hopefully that will be enough to break the cycle and start me back on the road to some energy and enthusiasm to get done the things I want to get done, as well as the things I need to.