Waiting seems, inadvertently, to be the theme for this week. Today I’ve had the chance to finish a project that has been waiting for some inspiration for 6 months.

At the beginning of the year I worked a cross stitch to be framed as a birthday gift.  For various reasons it didn’t end up with it’s intended recipient and has been languishing at the bottom of my sewing box awaiting some indication of what it wanted to be.

A few weeks ago it struck me that a pin cushion for my large glass headed pins was the perfect solution, so I pootled out to buy a small piece of fabric to construct the cushion, and then let it all languish for a little longer.

Today I stitched the cushion and pinned the embroidery to the top, intending to leave it to wait a little longer for the hand stitching, whilst I went off and sewed on the machine.  But fate intervened and cut the power.

So I made a cup of tea, grabbed a needle and thimble, and sat quietly without radio, tv or other distraction, listening to Little Stitch sleeping over the baby monitor.  And I stitched.005This small block of fabric and wadding and thread serves as a timely and continuous reminder that sometimes the waiting is part of the process, and that the wait eventually brings you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Even if it is only an hour of quiet reflection, a reminder of the gifts and talents I have been blessed with, and the perfect pincushion!