The phrase “from the sublime to the ridiculous” is definitely springing to mind as I write this post.

Following my last post I checked more books and even went to the library and borrowed The Perfect Fit!  They showed full bust adjustment for a pattern without a bust dart.  One which doesn’t add a bust dart.  Cool!!!!

So I followed the directions.

I marked up the pattern as instructed:003Then cut and spread.  Here it got a little tricky. They told you the maximum amount to spread, but didn’t give any recommendations based on cup size.  So I guessed.

004I also added a bit to the side seams and to the front edge as planned.

I may have overdone it.  A bit.015I had tea with Himmelbjerget on Friday (and some rather lovely buns that Little Stitch and Nino enjoyed immensely) and we pinned and pinched and I think we’ve got it sussed.  I’m going to make another version of the toile either tomorrow or Tuesday and we’ll see.  Very nearly there I think.  I HOPE!