Mr S and I have a deal.  We’re going through each room of the house and selling, or donating to charity, or (if all else fails) taking to recycling, anything we don’t use or need.

So, and iPod and a handbag have been eBayed this week.  A water pump and some cameras next week.  Even the PlayStation is rumoured to be on the hit list (I’ll believe that one when the money hits the PayPal account).

5 car loads of rubbish have gone to recycling.  And that was the big car.  Not my little runaround.

I have a large bag ready to go to Barnardos.

The upshot is that I can see the desk in his office, and the carpet to vacuum it.

And I can get to anything I need in the garage, including plant food and my bicycle.

The downside is I need to reciprocate and do the workroom in readiness for us doing the remedial work up there.

So I have a pile of Burda magazines, some KnipModes, a couple of Marie Claire idees and some books that will be going on eBay soon.  It makes me hyperventilate to think of it.

But realistically, until I’ve lost the additional pounds I’m carrying I’d have to grade up pretty much every Burda design. I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to do that.  The KnipModes have some stuff I like, but there’s a bazillion other things I’d like to make first.  The books are taking up room that other more current and useful (to me) tomes could take.

But still, for a collector hoarder like me, it’s been tough.

I console myself with the fact that once they’re sold, there’ll be room for new ideas and books (and the pennies in the bank to purchase them).  Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!