I’m sure you’ll recall that my original plan for the black gingham blouse was to make flat alterations to the front, which would provide a reasonably fitting toile that just needed some tweaks.

And that the original plan went out of the window.

Whilst Little Stitch took an afternoon nap, I sewed up the toile.  And it is, dear reader, my worst nightmare.  Although I do think it has potential, hence the public humiliation of the following photos.

Starting with the back, my initial thoughts are that a good start would be to:

  • adjust the yoke to compensate for my slightly rounded back
  • let out the waist to compensate for not having one!

If you scare easily, look away now.  The front is even worse:

013Again, I have some initial thoughts:

  • Letting out the waist should alleviate the pull across the front
  • It still needs a full bust adjustment (hence the black dots playing “hunt the bust point”
  • I think I need to lift the neckline a little too – I think flashing your bra at playgroup is frowned upon.
  • Oh!  And I think the armhole probably needs lifting too.  But I’m going to do that last to see how much difference the other changes make.011

The only godsend is the the side seam looks like it’s pretty much where it should be.

So I’ve locked the workroom door for tonight.  Hopefully my brain will work on this over the next couple of days and work it out.  I won’t get chance to come back to this until probably Thursday at the least.

What do you think? Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.  Please be gentle with me.