…to rustle up a quick (for me, anyway) robe.004

Close of the belt loop - cord made from 4 strands of thread

Close up of the belt loop - cord made from 4 strands of thread

It’s made up in Amy Butler Lotus Tree Peony in Slate. I ordered this from the States, via Fabric Supplies on Etsy. It only took a week for the fabric to arrive. The best part is that, even including shipping costs, the fabric was cheaper to import than to buy in the UK.  Strange but true.

I’m awaiting the complimentary spot fabric to make matching pyjama bottoms. It’s en route.  I’m hoping they turn out as well as the robe. I’m awfully pleased with it. The pattern is a Burda envelope pattern that I’ve made up before. This time I altered the kimono sleeves to reduce them in width and length.  They’re much more practical this way.

Also going well is the Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater, a free downloadable pattern from knittingdaily.com.009

The gingham wrap blouse, on the other hand, is giving me heebies.

I’d planned to do the full bust adjustment shown in the April/May 2009 edition of  Threads magazine.  A cunning plan as this blouse doesn’t have a dart and I wanted to add one.  However, as cunning plans are wont to do, this one failed at the first hurdle.

The blouse has yoke panels.  And front gathering.

So it’s beyond the wit of me to work out how to do the illustrated dart insertion with those added features.

Enter Plan B.

I’m making a toile.  I’ve just cut out the size I need, am going to sew it up and then see where the kinks are and work from there.  More time consuming, sure, but better than wasting any more time trying to figure it out on paper, poring over texts for help or just generally cussing at the pattern in a most unladylike fashion.

I’m planning to sew it up tomorrow and try it on.  I’ll let you know how I get on.