010I have to admit to loving this top.  The photo, less so, but it’s the end of the day and I’m going to suck it up!

This pattern is super easy to make, it fit right out of the envelope, and it hides the fact that I’ve eaten far to much of Ma Stitches-in-Law’s lovely pie and bread and butter pudding (separate plates, obviously).

You’ll remember that I added 8cm to the length because it looked like it would come up short. Well, when I’d sewn the thing together and tried it on, I cut the 8cm right back off again.  And it’s a fabulous length.  Particularly for picking up a small child without flashing your midriff to the world.  Always a bonus in my book.

One small query in my mind is the unfinished neckline.  It wasn’t a surprise as it’s clearly listed in the description on the envelope back.  This has also been discussed in other parts of Blogland.  However, when I make this again, and I will, I may try adding a self fabric binding to the neck once the pleats have been made.  It would change the look slightly but worth a try, no?

Next up is the wrap front blouse from the black and white gingham I bought during my last trip to London:013This project will take a little longer because instead of cobbling together something slapdash and then hating it because it doesn’t fit, I’m going to do a full bust adjustment and make it fit properly.

Also, Ma Stitches is coming for a visit on Tuesday – she’ll be here for a week, woo hoo!!!!  Not much sewing will be going on whilst she’s here as we’ve lots of lovely outings planned.   Woo hoo again!  Although obviously there’ll be some knitting – I’ve another little cardigan on the needles for Little Stitch.  Not the raspberry!  I’m still not speaking to that yarn.