Have you ever tried to photograph small children wearing the fruits of your labours?

No?  Neither had I until today.

The old adage about children and animals is starting to ring very true!

011As you can imagine, the chapeau didn’t stay in place for very long!

The pattern is from a very old Debbie Bliss book that I’ve had for a gazillion years and just keep returning to.

The jacket is a little on the large size, but I’ll be damned if I’m knitting something, even this simple, that will only get a couple of outings before it’s too small.  The yarn is Patons Eco Cotton.  It’s machine washable and I’m interested to see how it washes and wears.

Oh, and yes, the weather in Lancashire is so appalling at the moment that a hat isn’t a completely insane choice of project!  Saints preserve us, its a wonder we don’t all have webbed feet.  Although…there are a couple of people in the village that walk in a very suspicious manner.

Altogether more successful than the hot pink…which has now been completely undone and is awaiting a new choice of pattern.  Patience was never one of my virtues (stop sniggering, family…I can hear you, you know!) and I’ve no time for misbehaving patterns.  I’d rather give a less troublesome design an opportunity to shine.