I know that “too much cake” is a concept not often discussed on this blog, or, frankly, one that I’m particularly familiar with. But after today’s sewing escapades (yes…finally there have been some) I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to investigate this phenomenon more closely.

You’ll remember the silk dress I wanted to remodel.  Well, Little Stitch went visiting today with Nana and Grandpa, and I locked myself in the workroom and got to it.

I tweaked and cursed and cut and stitched, and maybe cursed some more, until I had a dress that actually works. All that’s left to do is bind the neckline, hand stitch the lining in place and lift the hem by about 5 inches:

Ooooooh! Ignore the creases!
Ooooooh! Ignore the creases!

Oh.  And lose about 8lbs.

Damn you cake. Damn your gorgeous, luscious, deliciousness.  And damn your insistence on lurking around my midriff long after I thought you’d been and gone.

So the dress is consigned to the scrapheap popped onto Maud to await a miraculous shrinking of the waistline. Sigh!

By this time Little Stitch had returned and I was planning a quick win.  But firstly I needed a cunning plan to keep her entertained whilst I cut out a quick pattern:


Note to self…don’t let her get her hands on the patterns themselves for a while.  However, whilst she was distracted I cut the pattern for Vogue V8534:035

I’m making it up in this fabric:040

Which I purchased from our local market for the princely sum of £5.00 and thus this will become a wearable muslin to test:

  • the pattern
  • my skills at sewing knits, which are definately in need of some development
  • my skills on the Coverstitch machine, which are virtually non-existent

As there’s a lot of pleating in the front I’ve not done a full bust adjustment, time will tell if this is wise.   I’m cutting View A sleeves with View B hem, and I’ve added 8cms to the length in an attempt to get it to look the same and not end somewhere around the waistband of my jeans.

Little Stitch is going to bed soon (Daddy is just putting her jammies on as I type) and as Mr Stitch has a little work to do before supper, I’m going to sneak back to the table and cut out the fabric.

Edit at 8.15pm: Fabric cut and ready to sew.  I’m off for supper.