I love reading others blogs and seeing all the lovely things they’ve sewn.  I’m always inspired and think “I really must get on with some sewing”.

I worry that you, dear reader, will stray, thinking “Pendle Stitches????? Hardly!”

It’s easy to type whilst feeding Little Stitch, or whilst she sits having her drink. Less easy to sew with her around.  At least until she gets used to the play pen.

But last night Mr Stitch was away on business, Little Stitch was in bed, and all the ironing was done. I managed an hour in the workroom before hunger insisted I sit and have supper and then curl up on the couch with a glass of Merlot and a sleeve to knit.

So. Did I work on the silk dress that needs remodelling????   Noooooooooo.

Did I work on the black twill trousers that are cut and ready to sew?????  Bless you.  Don’t be silly.

What did I do?

I altered the hem and sleeves on a black jersey dress that’s been at the back of the wardrobe for ages.  It’s a good basic dress but, whilst it worked in an office environment, it didn’t for my new life. I don’t think its even worth a picture, but I’m pleased because

  • I actually sewed something
  • It’s been waiting to be altered for MONTHS
  • I get to wear it again, and it’s a very nice dress
  • I used my Coverstitch machine for the first time (and it only took six months)

It’s a start. Right?