Picture courtesy of Google Images

Picture courtesy of Google Images

Wow!  Black Purl wasn’t kidding when she said this was a toughie.  And also my first meme. 

The rules are:

  • Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
  • Do the lists of 8.
  • Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
  • Let them know that they have been tagged!
  • So here we go with my Pieces of Eight….

    8 things I’m looking forward to:

    1.  Marrying Mr S.  Sigh…he’s so dreamy!
    2.  Little Stitches first steps.  She’s working on it.
    3. Adding another Stitch to the family.  Come on Social Services…sort it out.
    4.  Getting the signed adoption orders for the Little Stitches.
    5. Digging out the back garden, relaying the patio and putting a lawn down.  Well, actually I’m really looking forward to Mr S doing it.  Did I mention he’s dreamy?
    6. Ripping out the sewing room, insulating the roof, relining it and fitting lots, and lots, and lots and LOTS of storage.
    7. Woolfest and Harrogate…squeeeeeeee
    8. Getting a new camera and learning to use it. (Might have to wait a wee while for this one.)

    8 things I did yesterday:

    1.  Bought Little Stitch her first pair of “real” shoes.  Soooooo cute!
    2. Spoke with Ma Stitches.
    3. Spent the GDP of a small country at Huntley’s butchers.  And their wine shop! Oops.
    4. Knitted….I’m making tops for Little Stitch.
    5. Contemplated ordering a new fridge freeze.
    6. Walked in the park.
    7.  Barbecued.
    8. Kept out of the sun…I’ve got the first (and hopefully last) sunburn of  the year.

    8 things I wish I could do:

    1. Play the piano – well.
    2. Sew better than I do.  I’d love my sewing to be immaculate rather than just ok.
    3. Speak reasonably fluent French
    4. Speak reasonably fluent Russian.
    5. Run.  I’m so terribly unfit.  It’s embarrassing.
    6. Have patience. Now!
    7. Make patisserie.  See 6.  It would help.
    8. Draw.  Not like a demented spider on crack.

     8 shows I watch:

    1.  Grey’s Anatomy.
    2.  House.
    3. ER – Why is it over? Why?  Why????
    4. Lie to Me.
    5. CSI – obviously Vegas is the best but I can just about cope with New York. Miami is another thing altogether. 
    6. Desperate Housewives – when I grow up I want to be Bree.
    7. Project Runway – Project Catwalk is pants but can we please have the Canadian and Australian versions. Please.   Is anyone at Sky listening to me?
    8.  Come Dine With Me.  Mueller yoghurt isn’t an ingredient, people.

    So, that’s me done.  Now it’s time to pass the baton.  I know the rules say 8 other bloggers but I’m just going with these 5 lovely ladies:

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