The last few weeks have passed in a blur of tears of both joy and sadness.  However, slowly but surely a new normality is settling in Chez Stitches.039

Little Stitch is slowly meeting all her new friends and family.  She is totally winning them over.  They are spoiling her rotten.  She loves it!  Thank you all for your lovely, generous gifts.

I am so tired.  I find myself falling asleep in front of the TV.  I wake in the middle of the night because I’ve dreamt I heard a cry.  I’ve lost 4 1/2lbs in weight despite not giving up one single thing.  I’m having the most fun.

My washing machine is on pretty much constantly and I’ve discovered that patterned clothing is my friend and pockets are essential.

I’ve learnt that my little girl loves pasta and curry, flirts with waiters, has one hell of a temper and the cutest giggle in the world.  She thinks bath-time is simply the most fun, and is trying her damnedest to walk.

As we find our way in this brave new world its time for me to pick up the stitches again, so to speak.  So we’ve moved the sewing table and added a playpen to the workroom.   Now all I have to do is sort everything out so I can actually work up there.  At the moment it looks like this:056Eeeek! It’s enough to give a girl hives.  Must stop typing.  Must start cleaning!