It never ceases to amaze me just how much difference a few coats of paint can make to an otherwise uninspiring and, frankly, dull piece of orange pine furniture.  After a week of painting the wardrobe is finished:0061and, although you may not be able to tell from this picture, we’ve finished decorating the room, too.  Hence why it’s taken a week.

I have to admit to being slightly perturbed by just how much I’m being drawn to Duck Egg blues in this house.  I’m convinced it’s to do with the northern light, but two rooms is enough I think.  Although I’ve seen the most perfect fabric for the hallway………(you’ve guessed it…duck egg blue..but let’s not tell Mr S because it will mean repainting the hall…ssssssssssh!)

The reasoning behind choosing this colour for this room is that, hopefully, it will end up being a children’s room. However, we don’t know what variety of child, and in the meantime it has to be a usable room, so a reasonably neutral shade is called for.

Now, I know I could have gone for cream, or some other such safe choice, but Tiffany boxes win me over every time – so Duck Egg it is.  And I’m pleased with it.  Not only because it looks great, whether the weather is grey or sunny, but also because it’s another room off the list!  And I’ve chosen some fabric for a blind and curtains that are the next things to go onto the workroom table.

In other news, the kitchen blind is sewn and ready to be hung.  Just needs Mr S to put up a cleat for me (there is no way on God’s green earth that I’m putting a drill into the kitchen tiles) and then it’s good to go.  It should be up in the next couple of days so I’ll post a picture then.

And, as a last, but by no means least, word –  thanks to everyone who’s sent me messages about Pa S.  He’s back in hospital again, since last Monday, which is probably the best place for him at the moment.  He’s scheduled for a CT scan and an MRI tomorrow.  Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing all the pain (the money is currently on arthritis in his spine) and then can sort out a pain management regime and get him eating and home.