I’m an inch away from throwing the Christmas Coverstitch machine out of the window.  As my workroom is on the second floor of the house, it would signal a dramatic end to the machine.  But in view of the problems its causing me, this doesn’t seem such a bad thing.

The first machine wouldn’t sew at all and went back to the supplier for an engineer check.  They gave it the all clear and put it down to user error.  The user (me!) didn’t think she was the problem and got a second (professional) opinion when the machine came back and still didn’t sew.  Thankfully she was right and the machine went back to be replaced.

I thought I’d quickly get the new machine out of the box tonight and give it a whiz to hem a dress I’m altering and really want to wear.

Ha!  Fool!

This machine doesn’t sew either – but a completely different problem.  I could spit! (Not very ladylike, I know, but really, with everything else going on I’d kinda thunk that this might just go smoothly.)

So I’ve fired off an email to ask them to a) tell me how to resolve the issue (lower looper problems, not covered in the manual), b) send an engineer to repair in situ so I can get this sorted once and for all or c) take the damn thing back and I’ll get one elsewhere.

The thing that annoys me the most is that Mr S went to loads of trouble to get this for me for Christmas, knowing it was something I really wanted and would use, and lo and behold, it’s nothing but trouble.

OK, rant over.  Thanks for listening.