Taken from an email I sent to BlackPurl today…

Mr S dragged me clothes shopping today.  It really should be cloathe shopping, it’s so hateful.  But the cupboard was bare and the few things I have left are like rags, with nothing suitable for Spring, or, frankly, for being seen out in public.  So, after the requisite almighty row, during which he points out how crap I am at shopping and I tell him he’s a hateful shopping bully, and other such grown up things, we shopped.  I had to walk away from the till because I detest spending money on myself (stoopid I know, but years of practice).  But I have to recommend Hobbs in Liverpool.  The girls were brilliant and helpful, and pulled out all sorts of stuff I wouldn’t have tried, which helped me eliminate some looks but try others without having to run around the shop.  It’s the first time in my life I’ve enjoyed a shopping session.  And I bought some stuff.  So the next project is a little dressmaking before I start the next curtain project.  Light relief and all that.

Inspired by the start to my wardrobe, bolstered by having finished the curtains, and hoping to avoid too many shopping days in the near future, I’ve unpicked the cream linen skirt I threw together last Autumn.  I’m going to redo the zip and remake it, taking a little more time to make it look better.  It will go with some of the tops we bought today.