…one slightly larger step for Lancashire stitchers.

Well, strictly speaking, it’ll be Cheshire, but I’m not splitting hairs and I’ll come back to why in a mo!

But first as short history lesson.  

In the North West it rains.  A lot.  This observation was confirmed for me this weekend during the visit of Miss Alice the Elder.  She’s a person, not a cat. And she observed that it rains in the North West.  A lot.  

For us mere mortals this isn’t much fun.  Especially when you have soffits to paint, gutters to clear and gardens to garden.  

However, if you’re wanting to open a cotton mill.  Well.  This is the place.  All that rain creates the perfect atmosphere for spinning cotton.  The damp helps prevent the cotton from snapping on the looms.

Hence the rich textile history of the North West of England. (Note to readers – this is a very condensed history.  There’s lots more to learn and it’s really rather interesting.)

But I digress.  With the said rich textile history, coupled with the resurgence of interest in all things textile – both knitted and sewn, you would think that us Northern stitchers would be bewildered by the choice of suppliers for yarns, fabrics and haberdashery.  Sadly, this is not the case.  Rather we are bewilderingly short of options.  The local suppliers are great for the basics and patterns, but not that imaginative in their choices of fabrics.  And I have a 70 mile round trip to the nearest John Lewis stocking fabric.

Which is where I went  today, and which brings us back to the topic of this post.

JOHN LEWIS IN CHEADLE (which is Cheshire, not Lancashire.  See it all makes sense now!) IS NOW STOCKING AMY BUTLER FABRIC.

It’s a start.  And rather a good one I think.  I was good and didn’t buy, but I’m off to do more sewing to make room for more lovely fabric.