As a child I, as I’m sure pretty much every child in the history of travel has, would drive my parents to distraction on journeys.  No sooner had we pulled off of the driveway than a little voice from the back seat would pipe up “Are we nearly there yet?”  
And so it is with this winter.
I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty much ready for Spring.  
Whilst some of this is due to the godawful weather, I think some of it also has to do with the knowledge that at some unknown point in the, hopefully, not too distant future, we shall find our family and our world will change beyond all recognition.
So I’m all of a flurry trying to get projects out of the workroom and onto the relevant person or part of the house.
So today I’ve 80% finished the skirt for MSIL – it’s hanging overnight ready for the final bit of hand stitching on the waistband, and hemming.  These WILL  be done tomorrow.
I’ve also been through my fabric and pattern stashes (which are pretty feeble compared to most of the stashes I’ve seen elsewhere) and decided which fabric I’m going to eBay and which I’m going to sew. All bar a couple of pieces (including some gorgeous £20 a metre palest green linen which I’m terrified to waste) have been allocated to patterns and are ready to go.  The eBay stuff will be loaded as soon as Mr S has a bit of time (it’s his account and I frankly don’t have the faintest idea what to do).  There are 9 garments ready to go.  3 dresses, 5 tops and a pair of trousers.
So I’m feeling virtuous.  I’m hoping to have enough stuff cleared that when the Spring finally arrives I’ll be in a position to take advantage of it.  Not only by having time to make a start on remodelling the back garden, but also having room in the workroom for lovely summery clothes.
That’s the intention.  Let’s see how I get on.