As promised I’ll now tell you what happened to me yesterday.
Black Purl decided to drag me out for lunch to stop me thinking too much.  She arrived at the door with the words “I have something in the car for you.  You can have it for the same price I paid for it.”  I was, as you can imagine, intrigued.
So I followed her to the car.  She opened the boot.  And there sat….

I squealed.  A lot.
She was manufactured in 1929 in Clydebank, Scotland.
So obviously, the next question was “How much do I owe you?”  
“Wow, £30, that’s great.”
And it would be.  Bargain.
But it wasn’t £30.  And that’s the kicker.  Because things like this just don’t happen to me.
“Noooooo”  she said.  “£3“.
£3????  £3!!!!!!
I simply can’t believe it.  And she works as well.  She just needs a little TLC to clean her up. Obviously I’m talking about the machine here, not Black Purl.  She’s fine and dandy. But, fear not, it won’t be anything aggressive.  I want to retain the vintage beauty.
But I am overwhelmed that my friend found her for me.  That’s the best bit of all of this.