Today I had a great, busy, distractionary kinda day planned.  I’m trying hard not to focus on tomorrow.  The, shhhhhh, you know what meeting, tomorrow afternoon.  So I had a list of things I wanted to achieve, and so far have achieved just 2 of them.
So before I zip off to do the French studying that I really have to get done today, and then start on something craftyn I have news and a teaser.
Firstly, the news. Pa Stitches-in-Law is finally home.  He really should only have been in for a couple of days but the hospital lost paperwork and then the neuro consultant wouldn’t see him without some different paperwork.  They were planning to keep him in until Friday of this week (which of course isn’t the tiniest waste of NHS resources *said in vaguely sarcastic tones*), but a couple of judiciously placed phone calls made by Mr Stitches and voila, two hours and he’s out.  Hurrah!
And so to the teaser. Black Purl arrived just as I’d received this news to drag me out for an hour for a quick lunch just to I didn’t lose it completely.  She opened the boot of her car and….I’ll tell you later what was in there.  And it wasn’t just Milo. All I’ll say now is OH.MY.GOD.
And now I’m off to study.
BTW, if this post seems a tad random….too much coffee.  ;-}