Two years ago today, I drove 240 miles in my beat up old Honda from Guildford to Euxton.  On the seat beside me sat a basketed and disgruntled Alice cat.  In front of me, in a van with a busted gearbox, drove Mr Stitches with all my worldly possessions.  It rained every single mile of the way.  I cried every single mile of the way.

I’d always said that wild horses wouldn’t drag me North again.  Well, that’ll teach me to never say never.  Because here I am.  The love of a good man achieved what wild horses couldn’t.
The first year was, shall we say difficult.  If you hear hysterical laughter at this point it’s Mr S, who probably remembers it much differently than that.  But lets ignore him and move on.
I thought I’d never settle here; never feel at home; never have a life.
How wrong can you be?  Whilst I’ll never love Euxton, I can live here for now.  Our house isn’t pretty on the outside, but on the inside we’ve a warm, cozy and loving home.  It’s always filled with laughter and often with family and friends.  Hot chocolate and Madelaine’s or tea and scones are always on offer. 
But most importantly, I have Mr S.  I have no words for how wonderful he is. But he knows. And so do I.  Happy Anniversary Mr S.  
On the subject of friends, mine are about as good as it gets.  Firstly, the Preston Stitch n Bitch crew have been busily knitting hats for homeless people.  I counted them up yesterday and we’ve got 39.  I’m fond of round numbers so shall whiz up a 40th today and deliver them tomorrow.  Thanks to all.  You’re marvellous.
My lovely and talented friend, Rick, kindly gifted me some pieces of his handmade pottery.  As I have absolutely no talent for pottery but love hand made pieces, I’m absolutely thrilled with them.

I’m beyond excited that he’s promised to make me a utensils jar for my kitchen.  Not only do I get to tidy out a drawer that it’s really best not to look into, but I’ll have something beautiful made just for me.  Wow!  Thanks so much Rick.
Black Purl has fabulous taste in art and I’d often admire a piece she had, which we affectionately called Fat Bottomed Girl.

In case you didn’t recognise the setting…that’s my sitting room, with my TV just edging into the right of shot (it doesn’t like being left out of things).  Yes!  BP gifted FBG to us.  We are amazed at her kindness and thrilled with the piece. Thank you, Black Purl.
I know it’s one that you’ll either love or hate but we love it so don’t care.  (In case you’re wondering it’s a Fred Yokel and we’re trying to find out the proper name for her).
And finally, if I can get my sorry behind in gear, there’ll be some finished objects to show this week.  Mr S is fast becoming skilled with a pin and yesterday was helping with the hem on a dress that I’m embarrassed to even think about how long it’s taken to sew. Also I’ve just the neck and sewing up on the French Sweater.  I’ll try.  I promise.