When Mr Stitches proposed to me, we discussed having the smallest wedding. A civil ceremony followed by a lovely dinner with close family. No frock. No flowers. No fuss.
But slowly, surreptitiously, the day began to morph into something more. Something a little grander and more fabulous.  It started with the venue. We hadn’t finished parking the car at the West Tower before Mr S had his chequebook in hand to secure the day.  
And such a venue needs a frock.  Suddenly I’m browsing for design ideas and silk samples.
My good friend Jani is to do the flowers. The cake is definitely going to be chocolate.  We’re just not sure of the form this will take. Will it be cupcakes? Will it be a large cake surrounded by shards of chocolate?  
All of this planned splendour will be captured by the lovely Pete and Laura. We don’t just love their photos, which are FABULOUS; their metal covered photo album is to die for.
So, we’d kinda figured we had everything in hand.  Until a few weeks ago we were at Cedar Farm Galleries when we heard the tinkling of ivories. Further investigation revealed Craig Manchester playing jazz in the coffee shop.  We were hooked.  
A few emails later and he’s booked for the day.  With his singer.  
They’re called Blue Eyed Soul and they are just marvellous. They’re recording at the moment so watch out for them.  
So much for a small wedding!!!!!!  😉