When Mr Stitches and I were wearing ourselves to a frazzle on the house last year, what kept us going was the certain knowledge that one day, some day, it would all be over and we could have our weekends to ourselves.  Recently we’ve felt the truth of that knowledge with quiet weekends.  Weekends that have no plans.  Weekends where we can mooch around the (tastefully decorated!) house, watching movies, baking cakes and catching up on some reading.
Or weekends like the one we’ve just had.  We had planned lots to do, but mainly spent time not doing them.  But it’s one of those weekends that makes you count your blessings.
On Saturday we pootled over to Bolton to HabFab, ostensibly to buy some zips and threads for projects I’m about to start.  Obviously, there’d be no fabric or pattern shopping because of the embargo!  Yeah, right!
In my defence I chose HabFab as our destination because whilst it occupies a large floorspace,and the staff are lovely, it’s the oddest shop and I’m not normally enamoured of their fabric stocks.  
Oh foolish girl!  It’s like looking for love…when you stop looking you find it.  And so with this:
Not normally my first choice for a fabric as I’m not normally a burnt orange kinda gal.  But the red, black and cream balance it and I really do like this. And it was only £5 a metre.  And Mr S insisted. It’s destined to be a top of some description to go with a pair of black cotton drill trousers I already have cut out, and that I plan to sew as soon as I’ve finished the black jersey dress that’s currently on the table.
I suppose that this falls under the resolution of only making complete outfits………just how good am I at justifying this!
And if that wasn’t enough, there’s another reason for grabbing it.  I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much black going on at the moment.  Most funereal.  I need a shot of colour.  Sold!
We returned home to spend the evening with my nephew Matthew.  He’s nearly 18 and has special needs, and shamefully, I think this is the first time he’s stayed with us on his own.  Bad Aunty.
We had fun.  Matthew and Mr S spent an unfeasible amount of time discussing music and swapping “you’ve really got to listen to this” stories.  They made plans to build Warhammer models together and we curled up on the sofas with takeout supper (I was outnumbered 2 – 1 – chips v spaghetti!) and movies.  Just normal family life and a taste of what we have in store.
Sunday the boys buckled down to some coaching/studying:
As the topic was maths, I made a beeline for somewhere else and left them to it!
My somewhere else was the garden.  Despite snow last week my plants are determined to herald Spring, perhaps in the valiant hope that it will hasten the season’s arrival:
I think that the frost burn on the Camellia flower shows they may be more that a little misguided, but it’s good to see them.  Especially as this was their first winter and most of the newbies seem to have survived.
This picture of northern domesticity was broken only by frantic meetings with our lovely social worker and much raking of brains to provide coherent answers to the questions raised at Panel. These have been done and emailed.  Let’s hope they’re sufficient – we have to resubmit on Wednesday!