Well, yesterday we finally arrived at Panel.  Can I just say it was like taking the worst Russian Grammar exam in the world.  Having done no revision at all.  Horrid.
We waited for some time for the Chair to come and collect us. There were about 14 people in the room and us.  I’m a pretty confident person but even my nerves wobbled a bit.  They grilled us, in a very gentle way, for about 20 minutes and then sent us off to wait.  And wait. And WAIT. Oh…and then wait some more.   The allocated time for a Panel review is about 50 minutes to an hour.  Ours took an hour and a half.  
Needless to say the result was not what we’d anticipated.  Our approval has been deferred for a month.  Not because they think that we would be bad parents.  Not because our relationship, at almost three years is particularly new.  And certainly not because of any medical issues.
Nope, it’s been deferred because we were TOO IMPRESSIVE (their words, not mine) at our Panel interview.  They feel our report (which is what other social workers looking to place children will see) doesn’t reflect adequately our personal strengths and the strength of our relationship.   Cue much grinding of teeth.  They could have approved us yesterday, but would rather wait until the report has been rewritten, and then approve us at the next Panel meeting.  
Which is in a month.  On the 18th February.
We are not downhearted.  Well, maybe a smidgen, but that is mostly adrenaline comedown after the buildup of the last couple of weeks.
This is truly a good thing.  Whilst it means a further short delay whilst we finalise the documentation, it means that the paperwork will be the best it can possibly be when it goes out into the world.  And that should mean that we have to wait less time for our children.  And THAT can only be a good thing.
Still on the subject of our adoption panel – thank you to everyone who sent us kind words and good wishes.  The last few days have been a flurry of texts, emails and phone calls (and lemon cheesecake), which have without doubt kept me sane.
My friends and family, you are wonderful, and we are truly blessed.
And last, but by no means least – the last minute trousers.   Did I get them finished???????

 Yes I did!  And I’m rather pleased with them overall.
As you can see, I have no waist to speak of, a flat behind and more than my fair share of front. This all conspires to make trousers all but impossible to buy that fit well.  This pattern, Vogue 8483, was the pattern I used on my Janet Moville trouser fitting course last year and I am more than delighted with the fit.
We did a flat bottom and a full abdomen alteration.  We lengthened the leg and shortened the waist length.  And this is what you get. 
Now, you’ll note I’m not showing you the waist yoke here.  That’s because it’s not perfect.  I did a fly front zipper that I am pleased with, but the overall yoke is a little hinky….mainly because I sewed these up so quickly.  But as I always wear a top over the yoke, this isn’t really a problem. And I can do better next time.
The odd thing was that when I put them on I couldn’t work out why they felt so different from other trousers I’ve worn in the past.  Then it came to me.  It’s because these fit!