Yesterday was a good day.  Mr S had his pre-Panel haircut; we took Ma and Pa Stitches to the tile emporium to purchase the tiles (obviously!) for their soon to be remodeled bathroom; we dropped the carpet shampooer at Julia’s who is in a frenzy of domesticity as she and her DH start their adoption journey; and last, but not least, we visited Black Purl and Milo (who was strangely well behaved and not climbing trees) ostensibly to fix a fizzing light switch but really to drink tea and gossip.  All was well with the world…..except for a nagging thought at the back of my mind that I REALLY need a new outfit for our adoption Panel on Wednesday.
Not unreasonable I suppose.  Except that the nearest temple to ostentatious consumerism is about 40 minutes away in the form of the Trafford Centre.  Oh.  And I hate shopping for clothes. Truly I would rather stick pins in my own eyes that go clothes shopping.  Fabric?  Of course, silly. Yarn?  Doh!  Shoes?  I’m a girl…of course I love shopping for shoes.  And don’t, for goodness sake, let me anywhere near a kitchen store or bookshop.  Unless, of course, you want a couple of hours of peace and quiet.  But clothes? Not in this lifetime, or, I suspect, the next, will I ever, ever consider this to be fun.
But.  Needs must when the devil drives and once I get an idea in my head, well, Jack Russells and bones spring to mind.
So,  we left Black Purl’s with all good intentions to go the the living hell on earth that is the Trafford Centre on a Saturday afternoon.  But it was raining, heavily.  And rather blustery too. And all I could think of was a cozy fire, a glass of Chardonnay, a good movie and the sleeve of Mr Stitches French Sweater, which has been languishing in the knitting basket all week.
Needless to say the fire/wine/knitting/movie combo won.  
So what’s a girl to do? I draw the line at clothes shopping on a Sunday.  Too much to ask a girl to contemplate.
Then I remembered the New Years Sewing Resolutions.  Number 1.  Clear the stash.  A light bulb moment.   
So here I am, a little over 66 hours away from Panel, contemplating several yards of lovely grey/black marl something or other that I think I bought from John Lewis a couple of years ago and Vogue 8483 (the trousers).
It’s doable, despite full days of commitments between here and Wednesday.  I just hope the Sewing Gods are on my side.  Here goes.