Yesterday I drank too much wine.  Those of you who know me also know this is may have happened on the odd previous occasion. You’ll also know that the reason for last nights overindulgence was that I was going slowly out of my mind waiting for  a date for our adoption Panel.  And yesterday should have been it.  Only it wasn’t.  Hence the wine.

Today I feel decidedly shabby.  Normally a cue to lie on the sofa drinking tea and watching shockingly bad TV.
Not today.
Today I am, despite the self inflicted shabbiness, on top of the world.  No need for sofa or TV, although tea is always a good thing.  The reason for this departure from the norm? 
We have our Panel date.  It’s next Wednesday.  At 12.10.  By this time next week we’ll know whether they’ve recommended us as adoptive parents.  
I can’t quite decide whether I should be elated or terrified, so I’m going with both.  It’s been a long year of interviews and meetings and we are now so close I can’t quite believe it’s true.  But it is.
We have everything crossed they say yes.  And then our already wonderful live will change for the better.  
Wow!  Maybe I do need that sofa after all.