How much do I love the first of January.  It’s like opening a new book, not knowing how the story will unfold.  Who will be the heroines and the villains?  Hoping for it to grip you and have a happy ending.

I have high hopes for 2009.  Mr S and I are getting married.  Hopefully we’re getting a family too.  Pretty big stuff by anyone’s standards.
But its the small stuff that I’ve been thinking about.  Now that the bulk of the work is done on the house I want to turn back to the creative side of life.  So here are some preliminary thoughts on what I’d like to achieve creatively this year:
1. Clear all my stash fabrics, yarns and embroidery projects.
At a rough guesstimate, I have 8 knitting projects that I haven’t started yet and one on the needles.  So I’m not buying any more yarn until these are all done.  
I also have 4 embroidery projects.  Here I may need to buy the odd skein of thread, but that won’t break the bank so I’m OK with that.  Just no more charts or kits until these are finished.
Another shot in the dark reveals that I have enough fabric and patterns for about 14 garments. As I’m always bitching and moaning that I don’t have anything to wear (my wardrobe does echo and it drives Mr S bonkers) I need to get these all cut and sewn.  I keep putting it off because I really need to drop a few pounds (quitting smoking will do that to you), but I’ll just suck it up and do the alterations as necessary.
I also have the fabric for the bedroom and sitting room curtains, a valance for our bed, a blind for Mr S’s study, a blind and a door curtain for the kitchen/diner.  These are my priority as windows are looking very bare without them.
I think there is enough there to keep me going for at least 3 or 4 months of sewing, more for knitting/embroidery.
2. Make complete outfits rather than just odd garments for which I have nothing that matches

I know it makes sense but what can I say.  And I also know that making up the stash may mean that I have to make one or two sneaky purchases but I’m keeping that as an exception to the rule.
3. Take my time and work on perfecting fit and finish so I have garments I really love and want to wear, rather than just getting stuff finished as fast as I can.
4. Enter a sewing competition

5. Sew my wedding dress.

6. Draft at least 3 patterns.

7. Master my new CoverPro machine which means I’ll also work on improving my knit garment construction.
8. Make a pair of dress trousers for Mr S.

9. Make a coat for me.
Phew, that should keep me going for a while.  But at least my workroom will be slowly clearing of bags and rolls and piles of fabric and yarn as I do so.  Is that Mr S I hear cheering in the background.
Well, in the spirit of good intentions I’m off to finish the front on his French Sweater.  Toodles.