…and wow what a year it’s been.  We had a rocky start to the year with my road traffic accident and Pa Stitches-in-Law scaring the bejesus out of us with his heart attack.  And then we sadly lost Uncle James mid year.  But as we sat around the table on Christmas Day (just the six of us this year – both sets of parents and Mr Stitches and I) we still felt blessed.  We have wonderful family and friends, all have our health, roofs over our heads, food on our tables and a warm bed at night.  In the grand scheme of things you don’t need much more.

I’ve been thinking back (as you do at this time of year) over what we’ve achieved.  Whilst I haven’t done nearly as much sewing, knitting or embroidery as I’d like to have done (and frankly, who does), we have achieved a great deal:
  • Renovated the whole house – just the outside and the sewing room to do over the next year (hopefully – but don’t tell Mr S!)
  • Completed our assessment for adoption – all paperwork is now in and we are awaiting confirmation that we shall be at Panel on the 14th Jan.
  • Mr S passed his Prince 2 qualification first time out and secured a great new job.  Snaps for Mr S.
  • I passed my Italian despite my complete lack of studying.
  • I completed a basic pattern drafting course and now have a full set of blocks.
  • We set the date for the wedding (not long now.  Note to self – must lose weight and decide on wedding dress!)


Not too shabby in hindsight.  No wonder we were tired!

Anyhoo – despite thinking we had all we needed, Santa took a slightly different view. I think he went down the route of “well, next year it’ll all be about the children” so we had to climb over piles of gifts to sit down in the sitting room on Christmas Day.

I’m not going to bore you to tears with the whole list of goodies, (it was enormous) but everyone was too generous (thank you all) and I got lots of lovely things to support my knitting, sewing and cooking obsessions.  I think the squeals gave away my delight.  But without doubt my absolute favourite gift (and one that hadn’t crossed even the darkest, dustiest recesses of my mind) was from Mr Stitches (who else?)

Apparently its a bit of a family tradition that eternity rings are given before the wedding and who am I to argue.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice but for the record its white gold set with aquamarines and diamonds.  The aquamarines are the exact same colour as my engagement ring.  He is a marvel.  I’m still not over the shock and find myself using my left hand more than usual!  

I am a lucky girl.

There has been little crafting going on here over Christmas, mostly knitting whilst watching movies and munching chocolates.  This scenario also included Amontillado sherry and/or Bailey’s lattes!

However I have finished the back and am one pattern repeat away from finishing the front on Mr Stitches French Sweater:

I’ve finished Butterick B5125:

This is made up in 100% cotton.  The print was imported from the States last year – can’t for the life of me remember where from.  The plain is just a quilting cotton from Hobbycraft.  Very simple to make up and has a nice retro vibe about the styling. 

I’ve also finished my first jersey top and have started birthday gifts for next year – but haven’t done the pics so will revisit them next year.  I’ll also start thinking about projects for the New Year and getting the new look blog up and running (it’s a work in progress at the moment).

So for now I’ll say goodnight and wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  May your dreams come true.  See you in 2009!