Hurrah!  I finally lifted my lazy behind up off of the sofa and did something creative.  I’ve finally made my Christmas cards and posted them.  I’ve astonished myself.

No pictures, I’m afraid, because that would be too obvious.  You know, that whole idea of make something, photo it, post photo on blog for all the world to see.   Nooooooooooo.   In this house it goes along the lines of make something, put them all in envelopes and seal said envelopes, post them, curse roundly at your own stupidity at not having taken a photo of them for your blog. 
Homer Simpson had it right. 
So, family members shall see the finished item within the next couple of days.  The rest of you can image a tastefully designed, beautifully crafted and generally elegant Christmas card, which shall bear no resemblance to the real thing but works for me.