Whilst my mojo may have deserted me, my brain is working overtime on new ideas.  As I’ve mentioned previously, for the past 10 weeks I’ve been attending a patternmaking class at a local college.  Now that I’ve got my basic blocks fitted and ready to use, I need to start working on developing my skills.  So Mr Stitches purchased the above book for me.  (Thanks, honey.)
It’s a hefty tome, but just so inspiring.  Whilst the Winifred Aldrich book (which was the recommended text for the course)

gives you good basic instructions for a variety of garments, the illustrations themselves are a bit dated for my taste.  Helen Joseph Armstrong’s book is the opposite.  It illustrates a basic concept and then a number of variations.  It even has instructions for all the elements that I’m considering for my wedding dress, which is rather exciting.
So, when I do finally find my mojo, I’m going to have a go at drafting something a little more challenging than a skirt.  This could be the start of something good (and a whole lot cheaper and satisfying that patterns from the Big 4).  Watch this space.