After a relatively good start to the week sewing wise, it all went horribly wrong on Thursday when the flu resurfaced.  My friend Kirstey sympathised that this is the pattern for it…..coming and going and coming and going. Well I wish it would just pack its bags and push off somewhere else.  It’s a most unwelcome house guest.

So Thursday and Friday were complete busts.  Made even more annoying as I had to cancel lunch and dinner plans with friends.  As the weather has turned to cold and crisp…
and I was getting cabin fever under my duvet, yesterday Mr Stitches and I ventured forth through the fog to Kirkby Lonsdale, an historical market town about an hour from home.
I had low expectations of the town (after all, Chorley is an historical market town and has nothing to redeem it), however Kirkby L was a triumph.  Small but perfectly formed, with character and lovely independent shops (not a major High Street name to be seen).  We had a lovely few hours walking, shopping and partaking of tea and cake.   And managed to box off another large chunk of Christmas shopping.  We are almost done with it.
But today I find that I still have no enthusiasm for sewing or knitting or stitching.  I have yarn by the mile, dressmaking projects cut out and begging to be constructed, embroideries to complete for gifts and cards to make for Christmas.  I haven’t even bought the ingredients for the Christmas pudding (although we did buy a rather large turkey breast this morning from our favourite butcher, Huntleys) and have still to start wrapping the Christmas gifts. 
So I’m wondering where my domestic and creative mojo has gone?  I’ve checked cupboards and shelves, in baskets and under the sofa but it’s nowhere to be seen.  If you find it, could you please pack it up and send it back to me….It’s 24 days to Christmas and I need it back.  Now!