As mentioned previously, last Thursday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.
I’m a grown up.  
A 5ft 8ins, too many stones to mention, grown up.
A 42 year old grown up.
I’ve run a company, renovated houses, travelled abroad, and made bread (and not just the stuff in the machine, but real, get your hands in the flour, leave it in a warm place, bread).
But show me 3 (count ’em…..3) halls packed full of yarn and fabric and vintage sewing books and new sewing books and cross stitch and….well, you get the picture…..I kinda lose it.
So there I was, confronted by the Aladdin’s Cave of loveliness with my partner in crime, the fabulous Black Purl, and all dignity went out of the window.  There was much squealing, and oohing and aaaahing and hyperventilating and spending of money.  (I hasten to add that BP was much more composed than I and did not behave so completely inappropriately.) Not to mention coffee and cakes!!!! Generally the perfect girls day out.
So, what exactly did you buy, I hear you cry. 
Well, in hindsight, I was particularly restrained.  Mr Stitches may disagree, but I’m maintaining my position.  So here goes….I’m sure you’ll agree I could have been soooooo much naughtier:
First up some beautiful yarn from the endangered Teewater sheep, produced not far from me by the lovely Freda over at Teeswater Wools in Clitheroe:
Next some wonderfully soft Merino.  I have no idea who this is from as there is no label and no leaflet in the bag.  Boooooo…I would have loved some more of this:

Next we have patchwork fabrics for a yet undetermined project:

And some vintage embroidery transfers, which I suspect will find their way onto vintage inspired aprons, but who knows:

There is also a vintage embroidery book, currently being digitised by Mr Stitches, and some vintage patterns that can’t be shown here as they’ll give the game away regarding my current train of thought re my wedding dress (11 months today I’ll be a married woman!)
Finally, and not purchased from Harrogate, are a few sources of inspiration:
Oh how my head hurts with the ideas and inspirations and general loveliness.  So much so that today I fired up the overlocker and finally got back to some sewing.  The black jersey dress will be making her debut here soon.