Yesterday the lovely Paula and I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.  Wow!!! is all I can say.  Marvellous company and a superb show.  I’ll photo the lovely goodies I bought (and there were many) and post about them soon.

Today I’m feeling blue.  We’ve just learnt that we aren’t going to make it to Adoption Panel this side of Christmas.  We’ll be able to submit the application before the Holidays but the earliest date we’ll be at Panel will be the 7th January.  Boooooooo!!!!!  
However, we’d much rather Social Services did the rather marvellous job that they are doing at the moment and we get a perfect placement, than rush and it all go horribly wrong.  
I promise to be more chipper at the next posting, which will also be a feast of pretty things.