Due to the house being overwhelmed by the Lurgy, not much has been going on Chez Stitches over the last couple of weeks.
Just prior to being struck down, however, we entertained Pa Stitches-in-Law for his birthday on Halloween. It’s astonishing just how happy chocolate cake can make grown people!!!!!  (PS. It tastes MUCH better than it looks!)

Since recovery, not much has been going on.  Catching up with ironing.  Painting woodwork and doors.  Drafting V.2 of the bodice block.  All pretty dull stuff.  
However, I’ve managed to finish the Ice Cable Hat in Peace Fleece:
I’ve also done most of the Chat Noir cross stitch:
And I’ve cast on Mr Stitches’ new sweater.  The yarn was one of the purchases made in France during our recent holiday, and the finished item should look something like this:
but at the moment just looks like this:
So…a bit of a way to go, then.  But it’s an absolute delight to knit with.  Particularly after the Yellow Thing.

Unfortunately, there’s not going to be many opportunities over then next coupla weeks to do any crafting.  But for all the right reasons. This week I’m playing catch up with my sewing courses, am off to Hobbycraft/Crafts for Christmas, and have Ma and Pa Stitches visiting for the weekend.  Oh, and I’m spending Wednesday evening celebrating my BFF Alice’s fabulous success. This doesn’t leave much time for sewing and knitting.  And the blogging will probably go by the by as well.

So, please bear with me.  I’ll be back soon and hopefully with some interesting pics from the show.