How do I envy the American people this morning?

Here we are frustrated by a stagnant Government who refuses to face the people, knowing how we feel, and what the outcome will be.  However, when we do get the opportunity to have our say, how few of us will actually excercise that right?  And, to be fair, our choices are not exactly inspirational.
Yesterday in America was a different story.
A compelling candidate.
Voters taking to the booths in their millions, queuing for hours whatever the weather to do so.
And a landslide victory for change and hope.
What’s not to envy?
And let’s not forget the historic aspect of this election, with Martin Luther King’s Dream being realised.
So, today, I am thrilled to see that ‘change has come to America’, and pray that soon we get, and take, the opportunity to bring change to our country too.