It’s finally finished.  The sweater that has become know as “that awful yellow thing”.

I encountered two big problems with this particular sweater.
Firstly, the yarn.   The original yarn for this pattern was Classic Elite Bam Boo. As this isn’t readily available locally, I ordered Anchor Bamboolo from the wonderful McA Direct.   Now, McA are a wonderful company who are always helpful and a pleasure to buy yarn from. I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Anchor Bamboolo is another story completely.
To put it bluntly, it’s a pain in the behind to knit with.  It slips and splits and generally makes life difficult.
The second problem was the pattern.  I followed it to the letter only to find I couldn’t fit it over my head and had to do some judicious unpicking at the neck.  And, in hindsight, another inch or so to the length wouldn’t go amiss.
That said, now it’s knitted up, it has beautiful drape and hand, and the colour is gorgeous.  But I shan’t knitting this pattern again in a hurry.  And Bamboolo shall never knowingly enter my knitting basket ever again.