This is the fourth pair of these TNT trousers that I’ve made for Mr Stitches in the past 2 years. He wears them around the house in lieu of jeans or joggers.  They’re more comfy that the former and smarter than the latter should he need to go out of the front door.

The only adjustment made to the pattern was to reduce the crotch length by trimming off the waist edge – I forget how much, it’s so long since I did it.  Also the sizing of these is very, very generous. Initially I cut them to the size to match his measurements but had to adjust them by two sizes down so they didn’t swamp him.

This pair were cut out a couple of months ago, from a length of Armani seconds linen that I purchased from Washable Fabrics on Preston market for about £7 for 2.5m. They took me just this afternoon to sew.  
I also had the opportunity to try a new “gadget”.

Normally I would thread the drawstring using a safety pin, but this little darling is an absolute gem and saved so much time and cursing.  Highly recommended.  I got mine from John Lewis.

I have no doubt I’ll be making these again and again.