Ok….so the weather here is being its normal charming self….

so it seemed a good idea to do something useful around the house.  Obviously, the first thing you need on rainy days like these is cake.  Lots of raisin studded rock cakes to accompany the inevitable cups of tea.
Then, time to tacke the sewing room.  As an unreformed neat freak, my sewing room has been driving me to distraction for some time.  Not only does it need completely ripping out and refitting (and that’s going to have to wait for a little while), it’s also been the dumping ground for anything and everything over the last few months whilst we’ve been doing the rest of the house. Which means that it looked like this….

Not good.  Also not good is me freaking out about the disorder and the inability to find something as simple as a ruler or a particular pattern.  Just not pretty.  Ask Mr Stitches (poor man!).

Time to take matters in hand.  So two afternoons, several large black rubbish bags, quite a bit of distraction as long lost treasures were unearthed, and ta-daaaaaaaaahhhhh…

SO much better – I can find everything…even a walking foot that I didn’t know I had.  So tidy…and saving money at the same time.  Pah, to the credit crunch I say.

But I’ve also finished the blind for the sitting room, so the neighbours can’t be nosy any more…
….and I’ve finished 2, yep 2, cross stitches that are for Christmas pressies, so all I’m showing you is a few stitches.  BTW, those are French Knots, not mistakes.

So feeling rather virtuous, and the bar is set for this week to see what I can achieve.  Who knows?  And who knows whether the weather will be nice.  I suspect not!