Wednesday was another rainy day so a trip to the beautiful Chateau de Chantilly was in order.

Now, I didn’t know that Chantilly lace is traditionally black, but there were definately pony tails a-hangin’ down at the Chateau, at the Living Horse Museum….
Yep, seriously, these are the stables.  They are enourmous and amazing.   I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with a picture of fiberglass horses, but they have some truly beautiful real ones there as well.  And hounds!  Heaven!
Next stop the Chateau itself.  Lots of quite dull, and often not very good, portraits, but again a fabulous building with the most impressive library.  

Unfortunately the library had an air vent heating system.  
Fortunately I wasn’t wearing a white silk dress with a pleated skirt and high heels….
Although…the skirt I was wearing was the one I made just before the holiday from a self drafted pattern.  Not a bad first attempt.

So, not many holiday posts left to go now.  Is that a huge sigh of relief I hear?????