Having whined constantly all week about how miserable the weather has been in this part of the world, the sun came out yesterday.  As it’s such a rare occasion (it’s back to it’s normal cold and overcast self today) I decided to make like Mole, “hang Spring cleaning”, get outside and enjoy the day.
Whilst the front borders have been done this year, the back garden is a shambles.  It all needs digging out, the patio re-laying, a new lawn and borders.  As the priority for this year has, and continues to be, the inside of the house, we just planted some vegetables and pots of flowers.
And then left them to it.
So, it’s all looking more than a little wild.  I pulled up dead plants, and emptied pots.  I got rid of the tomato plants that rotted seemingly overnight.  I put weedkiller on the bindweed that is sneaking under the fence, and hosed the patio.
And I also decided to empty the growbags that had held potato plants that had also died.  So I was beyond thrilled when I opended the bags and found a veritable harvest of home grown potatoes.  

As each successive bag open and spilled its secret hoard, the bowl filled up.  And the courgette plants are still producing veg.  These have been the biggest success this year.
The aubergine plants didn’t do anything at all, but we are getting peppers.  The first one to be harvested is above.  

Considering that all these plants were just stuck in the ground and then abandonded to their own devices, this just goes to show just how smart Mother Nature is.  Trouble is, now I want an allotment.  We are on the list but goodness only knows when one will become available.
Back inside the house, and the lampshades are finished…..
I decided to go the whole hog and cut up a little bit of the trim that is being used on the blind and curtains and use some of the beads on the shades.
Whilst not perfect, I am ridiculously pleased with these, as they look so lovely with the rest of the room.  And so much nicer that the original plain cream shades.  Well worth the faff.